For a fixed fee of only 550 we will undertake a property search on your behalf for a period of 3 months (twelve weeks) having first established your exact property requirements via a detailed questionnaire.

For a period of three months we will contact agents directly and monitor the media (newspapers, magazines, the internet) in our efforts to find you the right property.  We will view on your behalf properties that we believe meet your requirements and then report  back to you regularly via email with recommendations and objective comments that relate to your own specific criteria. You can then decide whether or not to follow up shortlisted recommendations by dealing directly with the agents or, if it is a private sale, with the sellers. With the basic homesearch service, there is no commission charged on property sales.  As part of the service we provide ongoing advice and welcome general questions relating to your property search e.g. on areas, prices, schooling.  We value client feedback during the contract period and use this to refine the property search.  

If you want to save time-wasting journeys to unsuitable properties, unproductive visits to estate agents and piles of unsuitable sales details, use Surrey Homesearch, your personal property finder. 

We have the local experience and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing Surrey property scene. Moreover, we often have unique access to properties that are not on the open market. As part of the service we can offer advice and suggestions on areas, and we are available to respond to clients' property questions. We can, if required, video or photograph properties for clients (subject to vendors' consent) - these are extra services that are provided at an agreed low-cost fee depending on clients' requirements. If a client is considering enlarging or substantially altering a chosen property, we have access to the services of an architect who will visit the property, discuss proposals and offer advice on an initial free consultation basis.

The contract period of three months can be varied, subject to terms, although in our experience, a three-month search is the most fruitful and satisfactory approach. But at Surrey Homesearch we are very aware that every client has different needs. 

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