Mr and Mrs P were moving out of London, looking to buy a five bedroom family house within a small area that was determined by the location of chosen schools. Surrey Homesearch was aware of a property that was potentially ideal but which had already gone under offer. Because of our excellent track record with the estate agent, we discovered that the existing buyers might be about to withdraw. We were able to get our clients an appointment to view as the house became reavailable.

Our clients' offer was accepted before the property was officially remarketed.

Mr and Mrs E were returning to Surrey after a posting in Japan. Surrey Homesearch found a property that was in the preliminary stages of being marketed and which exactly matched the clients’ very precise criteria. At the request of the clients, we videoed the property for them and one of the clients flew from Japan for a brief viewing.

Our clients' offer from Japan was accepted before the sales brochure was even printed.

Mr and Mrs M were looking for a special type of property which they doubted even existed in Surrey. We viewed a number of properties which turned out to be disappointing but then we found a house just coming onto the market that exactly matched the clients’ criteria. We viewed the house on a Friday morning and emailed a glowing report to the clients who were due to go on holiday to Italy the following day.

As a result of our enthusiastic report, the clients left work early that afternoon to view the house, fell in love with it, went on holiday to Italy the next morning and submitted their successful offer while abroad.

The kind of property Mr and Mrs G were looking for was just above their budget. As we are only too aware of the complexity of the Surrey property market, we know that as well as contacting the local agents within a client’s chosen area, it is worth liaising with certain agents outside the area “just in case”. In this instance, “just in case” paid off - a national agent outside the area revealed that a vendor was willing to sell at a much lower price.

Our clients purchased their dream house with a twenty per cent reduction while the local agents were still trying to market the house at the higher price.

Our clients were moving out of London to find a home for their young family. They found a property themselves in what they thought was a lovely quiet rural location and asked our opinion. We pointed out the negatives – adjacent land subject to major redevelopment plans, local paintballing activities, week-end motorcycle meets at “quiet”pub and proximity to a notorious gay pick-up spot.

They quickly decided this was not the perfect peaceful idyll they were seeking.

Mr and Mrs B were relocating from Suffolk to Surrey. They planned a Saturday viewing trip to see a selection of properties and because of our flexible approach and constant monitoring of the market we became aware of an exciting property that came onto the market late on the Friday afternoon.

The next morning at 9am, the very first people with an appointment to view the property were our clients arriving straight from Suffolk- the agent could not believe it!.

Mr T, a Surrey resident, was downsizing. It was not too difficult for Surrey Homesearch to find him an a house that matched his criteria, including proximity to good dog walks, but the sale of his own house was troubled by a developer's plans for adjacent property.

Mr T found our professional advice on dealing with the developer so useful that he extended his Surrey Homesearch contract, in order to benefit from our independent advice and our knowledge of developers' tactics and planning procedures.

Mr and Mrs J had moved back to Surrey from the US and were looking for a substantial house. After living in America, they found English houses did not match their US-style criteria. Having found an outdated house on a wonderful plot, the clients used the services of Surrey Homesearch to obtain advice from an architect as to the viability and costs of replacing the house with a new property.

Within a few days of first contemplating building a new house, our clients had received professional advice regarding the proposed "plot" and felt confident to go ahead and offer on the property in order to build a new house. Their dream home has since become a reality.

Mr B was keen to undertake a project and had found a bungalow in his chosen location which he wanted to extend. He called us in for advice but not only did we think the property overpriced, our architectural consultant thought that increasing the size of the property would be problematic and exceptionally costly.

We then found a smaller property in a much more desirable road (the client's ideal spot) which was almost £150k cheaper and which would lend itself to substantial enlargement. Our client asked us to negotiate on his behalf and we achieved £45k off the asking price. While his project was under way, he needed to rent a property and again he asked us to negotiate with the letting agent - we achieved £250 off the monthly rent.

Our clients were moving to Surrey after a posting abroad and were looking at property in Farnham. They found a house that had recently been reduced from over £900k to offers in excess of £850k. They liked the property very much and asked us how much in excess of £850k they should offer (this was before the current property collapse.)

Despite the reduction, we felt the house was still overpriced, especially as a lot of updating was required. After some lengthy negotiations, the property was secured for £830k.